This dance remix of that Danny Dyer interview wins the internet

The thing most people love about Danny Dyer is that he just says what he thinks – which is quite refreshing, especially when he’s saying things we agree with. In 2018, he famously called out David Cameron for abandoning ship after unleashing Brexit on the country – and he did it in no uncertain terms.

It was that second, heartfelt “TW_T!” that gets most people in the feels. The clip from talk show Good Evening, Britain went viral and it only stoked the fires of Danny Dyer’s legendary status, but just as good and less-widely seen was this superb remix of Danny’s interview that night.

It’s the work of remix genius, Dave Wol, whose other remixes include Piers Morgan’s “Massive Giant Wimpy Baby” and Katie Hopkins’ “Fat Kids” rant. there’s nothing he won’t tackle and he’s open to suggestions, if you want to send him a request.

People didn’t just appreciate the comedy value, but the music itself.

When Twitter user, Christopher John, shared it on Twitter recently, it picked up a new fan.

Now that’s what I call music.