Why you should never jump to conclusions – a play in two acts

We all know at heart that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but sometimes a situation seems to say it all and we can’t help ourselves. That’s what happened to Reddit user, AllAboardTheNaglfar, when he spotted something apparently incriminating in his home. He posted …

“I just got home, my wife is in our bedroom and I see this shit on the bench, felt the rage of the gods grow within me”

He went on …

“then I turned it over.”

That could have been really embarrassing if he’d barged in and confronted her or, I don’t know, posted it on social media where it picked up over 1400 comments in less than 24 hours.

Some of those comments were pretty funny.

Redditor, Cakeinthebreakroom added

“I’ve dealt with pantry moths and had an ex-gf cheat on me. The pantry moth problem was worse and far more rage inspiring. And it took longer to deal with. Good luck.”

Not all stories have a happily ever after.


Source: Reddit