This unfortunate guy should have been clearer about the haircut he wanted – a lot clearer

When you nip along to the hairdresser’s or the barber shop, it’s always better to be really clear about what you want, and what better way than to show a photograph? Nice theory, only it doesn’t always work out as well as you’d hope – especially if you’re the poor guy who shared this story on Chinese social media site, Weibo.

He did what countless others have done and took along a photo – a screenshot from a video.

It’s quite smart and adaptable – the kind of thing that would suit a lot of people. Sadly, there was a slight misunderstanding, and what he ended up with was this:

Yes, that is a play icon shaved into his hair. Here it is from a different angle, complete with a glimpse of his cheery little face.

As unfortunate as it is for him, it’s pretty funny for everyone else.

One person saw a bright side.

There was even admiration for his cut.

We just think he’s lucky that hats are a thing.

Credits: Weibo