An idiot planned a mugging and accidentally told his intended victim

There’s an inherent risk in buying things online because your card details can be stolen by hackers, but there’s an even bigger risk if you plan to meet someone and exchange goods for money, because they may duff you up and take your stuff. This second unfortunate scenario is what was on the cards for someone trying to sell a golf club.

Seller Gregor Ford shared a screenshot of the most awkward Facebook Marketplace conversation of all time.

It was quite promising to begin with.

Unfortunately, it took a surprisingly dark turn.

Less surprisingly, Gregor didn’t complete that particular transaction.

The post ended up with over 47k retweets and a few hundred comments, such as:

Palaeontology writer, Dr Shaena Montanari simply got homesick.

One line particularly amused a lot of people.

He must think everyone is as stupid as he is.

Source: Twitter