This advice for families of LGBT kids is a really heartwarming read

Growing up and learning who you are is hard on all teens, but can be even more difficult for LGBT youngsters if they sense negativity around the issue out in the world or even at home. This thread on Twitter, posted by singer and X Factor star Jack Remmington, is full of great advice and will give you hope for the future – as long as you can forget about Brexit and Trump.

He told this tale of a chat with a stranger.

He was obviously a great dad.

Luckily, he’d come to the right place for excellent advice.

He was warned not to go too far.

Jack stressed what was the most important thing to do.

His personal experience gave him the knowledge to be a wise guide.

The stranger may have made as big an impression on Jack as Jack will have made on him.

He was already doing everything he could, as a parent.