Comedian Bec Hill’s Bandersnatch day was both incredibly random and hilarious

The most recent episode of Charlie Brooker‘s Black Mirror is an interactive experience called Bandersnatch. The concept echoed the old “choose your own ending” books or video games and got a positive reception; the show trended on Twitter, with comments like these:

Comedian Bec Hill decided to hand her life over for one day by entering into Bec-a-snatch, accompanied by her mother who was visiting from Australia. With Twitter making all the decisions, you can probably guess that things didn’t always go smoothly – this is what happened.

She started simply, like the show had, with a choice of breakfast.

The next options were a little riskier.

The public’s bad decision received the scorn it deserved.

Even the day’s outfit was left for Twitter to decide.

It went better than the shower music.

The next decision could have ruined the whole day before it had even started.

Luckily, it didn’t.

There was a slight hitch.

So, Bec asked for guidance.

This wasn’t exactly helpful, but we love Bec’s crying face.

Mum was still lost …

She was tracked down to a pie stall. #squadgoals

The fiendish public decided Bec should secretly film her mum.

A little game-playing entered the mix.

With a glitch.

What a good outcome.

Twitter decided they should go full tourist.