This bride went viral after kicking out a couple who brought kids to her ‘child-free wedding’

There’s a rather good thing on Reddit called ‘Am I The Asshole?’ in which people explain a real life situation that happened to them and then ask, well, ‘Am I The Asshole?’

Or, ‘Arsehole’, if you prefer.

Anyway, this bride went viral after she asked that very question when a couple brought along their toddler and baby to her wedding even though they had made very clear it was a child free event.

Here’s how she explained it on Reddit … and it’s quite the tale.

Now most people on Reddit agreed with her that she was definitely not the asshole, with many of the thousands of comments it generated going something like this.

Twitter on the other hand – as Twitter tends to be – was a little bit more divided.

We’re with the bride – thanks for asking – but we wouldn’t have have had the courage to make it child free in the first place (no matter how much we wanted to – got to make those savings somehow).

Except, well, weddings aren’t the same without a few little ‘uns running around, right?