Honest Trailers has analysed Mary Poppins and it’s ruining all our childhoods

There are certain things that signify Christmas: goodwill to all, the ubiquity of Noddy Holder and Mary Poppins – by which we mean the original Disney film from 1964. The people over at Screen Junkies – who make the Honest Trailers – have, by popular request, told us a few harsh truths about the much-loved film and it’s outrageous – but hilarious, and probably a fair shout.

“Mary Poppins, magic nanny and full-blown narcissist, practically perfect in every way, who never misses an opportunity to check herself out, doesn’t get close to anyone, and creates a pocket universe of animals to literally sing her praises.

But she isn’t just a sing-song Slytherin, she’s also just a so-so nanny, who leaves kids alone to go on a date, drugs them before bed and gaslights anyone who discovers her powers.”

It’s like learning that Sir David Attenborough kicks puppies – which he doesn’t, obviously.

As YouTube user AmberTamba very eloquently put it –

Source: YouTube