Andy Serkis does Theresa May as Gollum and it’s very funny and deeply unsettling

The brilliant Andy Serkis has brought back Gollum to parody Theresa May and it’s as funny as it is disturbing.

This week the so-called prime minister faces a Commons vote on her Brexit deal and here is the ‘leaked footage from inside No 10 Downing Street’.

‘Precious …. our agreement, this is it, our deal! Yes, yes, we takes back control, money, borders, laws, blue passports!’

‘No, it hurts the people, it makes me poorer.’

‘But I finds it! I negotiates it! We wants it, we has to do it …’

‘Okay, okay we asks the people if they want it and then …’

‘No! Stupid tricksy remainers, they ruins it!’

‘But if the people want something else …’

And here’s just a brief taste of what people thought of it.