This army veteran had the perfect takedown of the NRA after it criticised people for ‘taking the knee’

The National Rifle Association isn’t happy with people who ‘take the knee’ during the American national anthem.

Kneeling during the national anthem has become a form of protest against police brutality against African Americans in the US.

Donald Trump doesn’t like it, and neither, it now appears, does the NRA. Don’t ask us, ask, er, Oliver North.

Now there were plenty of winning replies to this, including people who said this.

But the best reply came from this chap, an army veteran called Steven Kiernan who served in Iraq and said this.

And if the NRA ever wondered what side of the argument it’s on, it need only look at the 100,000 times it was shared (and 400,000 times it was liked) the reply was shared on Twitter.