This guy’s marital problems exploded after his wife found what he kept in the attic – NSFW

For reasons which escape us, some people ask the internet to help with personal problems – much like asking a cat to help clear out a pet mouse’s cage, and with similar results. One man asked Reddit to help with a marital issue, but the problem wasn’t your run-of-the-mill “my spouse hogs the duvet” kind of thing.

The heading he chose for the post was

“My wife [33/f] found my [37/m] “pee bottles” and “cum shirts” in the attic and I swear to god there really is a good explanation but she refuses to speak a single word with me. This is the quintessential case of it’s not what it looks like.”

Already, we can see that this is out of the ordinary. Obviously, we want to know the “good explanation” – and so do you, so read on.

He gave us the background.

Then, he moved on to the crux of the matter – the pee bottles.

As bad as that was, it got worse.

This is why you should always throw away your pee bottles – and maybe boil wash your c*m shirts.

There were some predictably disgusted reactions.

Some were surprisingly helpful.

When Holiday Goblin shared it on Twitter, someone noticed a very important point about the bizarre story.

One small exchange in the Reddit replies says it all.


Source: Reddit