This Willy Wonka theory why Violet not Charlie should have won the chocolate factory went viral because it’s just so good

Chances are over the next few weeks you’re going to end up watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (let’s hope, for your sake, it’s not the Johnny Depp one).

And if you do – or even if you don’t – this thread will give you something to think about, a detailed, passionate and beautifully argued piece that says Violet, not Charlie, should have won the chocolate factory.

The theory, originally the work of someone called Evayna on Tumblr, has been gobbled up on Twitter, shared no fewer than 50,000 times as we write this.

See what you make of it yourself.

It was shared on Twitter by this person …

… and Dara Ó Briain for one was totally convinced.

Not everyone else agreed though. Here are 13 other favourite responses.