11 disappointed kids who are not living their best life with Santa

As soon as Halloween’s over, shops stock the shelves with tinsel and Baileys, start playing Jona Lewie and, if they’re big enough, hire a Father Christmas impersonator to lie to your kids and charge you £5 for a £1 toy. These 11 sets of kids did not enjoy the experience – and it’s unlikely that Santa did, either.

1. At least 2 of them look happy

2. All he wants for Christmas is a speedy exit

3. All hail, the Dark Lord

4. Not just any abject terror – abject terror in stereo

5. That’s right, Santa – hold her arms so she can’t lamp you

6. We’d cry, too

7. We’re witnessing the birth of a recurring nightmare

8. Santa may well be the most distressed in this photo

9. When you’re really unhappy but Santa and your brother think it’s hilarious

10. “That’s it – I’m out”

11. “Watch where you wipe that, kid!”

The best way to be sure they don’t cry – only let in the sleeping ones.

Source: Babble

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