This viral message from a Sunday League club to a former player is a rollercoaster of emotions

A football club can be like a family, with close bonds, shared experiences and members you’d rather not see unless you really have to. The big difference is that a football club can get rid of its dead wood if it feel like.

There was a brighter update.

The Hartlepool Sunday League team seems to be leaving a door open for the youngster – something H.M.P.s tend not to do. Whilst we strongly believe in everyone getting a second chance, we suspect an ankle tag might affect a defender’s ability – although, it could also make him a bit harder to meg.

People loved the tweet so much it’s picked up nearly 5000 retweets and the screenshot is turning up all over the internet. Some of the best reactions include:

One Twitter user took the opportunity to issue a third-degree burn to Hartlepool’s biggest team.