Ariana Grande totally owned Piers Morgan and we’re all here for it

You may have spotted Piers Morgan throwing serious shade in the direction of Little Mix, recently, after they appeared naked, and covered in words used by their trolls, in the video for their latest single, Strip.

On Good Morning Britain, he said

“What’s the point of it other than using nudity to sell albums? It’s stripping off to sell records. It’s using sex to sell records – that’s it. There’s nothing else to that. I don’t get it.”

His comments drew a lot of criticism, as well as an unimpressed response from the band.

He added to the controversy with yet another comment about their body writing.

The responses were fierce.

Then Ariana Grande‘s mum, Joan, weighed in.

He snapped back with this.

Big mistake. By having a go at Joan, he incurred the considerable wrath of Ariana – and it was glorious. Firstly, she put him straight on a few points.

He tried to fight back using her own words – “Thank you, next!”

…and came a cropper.

However, the real zinger came in response to the photo accompanying his column about his own manliness – yeah, we can’t wait to read it either.

Mr Manly tried to be clever, but didn’t manage to pull it off.

He only succeeded in getting himself burnt again.

She also gave a little shout-out of solidarity to Little Mix.

The exchange quickly elevated Ariana to the status of Twitter Burn Champion.

We’ll leave the last word to Ariana.