This govt minister making up a stat about public backing for Theresa May is radio gold

We wouldn’t normally bother you with Rory Stewart – truth be told, we hadn’t actually heard of the justice minister until an hour or so ago – but this is just a brilliant moment on Radio 5 Live earlier today.

The Tory MP was on Emma Barnett’s show discussing Theresa May’s pisspoor Brexit deal when this happened and it’s radio gold.

He truly is right in the thick of it.

Rory Stewart: ‘The reason why 80% of the British public support this deal …

Emma Barnett: ’80% of the British public support this deal? How on earth do we know that?’

RS: ‘Okay, let me … my sense is, let me get the language right on that. My sense is that if we have an opportunity to explain this the vast majority of the British public would support that.

EB: ‘Where did 80% come from? I’m a bit confused.’

RS: “Well I’m producing a number to try to illustrate what I believe, which is that the people who are rejecting the are 10% on either fringe but obviously that has not come from an opinion poll.’

AKA ‘I’m talking utter bollocks’


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