A 12 y/o boy sent Stan Lee a letter and his reply has got people filling up

Everyone’s been paying tribute to Stan Lee, the comicbook writer and co-creator of superheroes including Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Daredevil and the X-Men, who has died aged 95.

Like Hugh Jackman …

… and Robert Downey Jr.

But this one in particular caught people’s imagination and it’s not from anyone you’ve heard of. Well, not until now.

People love what he said and that he took the time to say it.

Dear Gabe

It’s nice to hear that you’re interested in becoming a comicbook artist, but I suggest that you study every phase of illustration instead of just concentrating on the fight scenes and the typical comicbooky stuff.

Almost all the top artists in comics today have a very solid foundation in layout, composition, anatomy, still life, etc, in other words in every aspect of illustration rather than just doing comicbook-type scenes.

The better an illustrator you are, the better a comic book artist you will eventually be.

Good luck to you Gabe. You’re already very lucky in one respect – you seem to have a mother who really cares.


Stan Lee