Want to type your own picture of Prince Charles? No problem!

Before the internet, we had to make our own entertainment. There was none of this Candy Crush nonsense – we had to go down to our local newsagent’s and knock all the Fruit Salads off the display before the shopkeeper called the police. One of the many creative things pre-internet people – also known as ‘people’ – were doing was typing pictures, like this one:

Who wouldn’t want to type their own Prince Charles? Don’t answer that.

One typing genius, Bob Neill, produced a couple of books of detailed instructions for creating typed images – this is what the instructions for Prince Charles looked like, in case you were champing at the bit to get started.

Impressive, huh?

These are a few more that we liked from his first book, Bob Neill’s Book of Typewriter Art.



Pope John Paul II

It isn’t all people, either. Bob had something for all tastes –

The Bush Baby

This landscape


Twitter’s amazing curator of such curiosities, @PulpLibrarian, shared a few of these treasures.

As you can see, it proved to be quite popular …and inspirational.

Finally! An genuine reason for all the hipsters to own typewriters.

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