These brilliantly sad New York selfies show the guy’s wife she wasn’t missing out

When you look back at your travel snaps, you want to be reminded of the great times you had and the fantastic places you visited – usually. Unless, of course, you were travelling on business and really didn’t want your wife to think you’d been enjoying yourself in one of the world’s most-popular cities. In which case, you’d take sad-face photos, like Redditor RedBaron1701.

He wrote

“My wife has always wanted to go to NYC with me, and I had no interest. I don’t like big cities, traffic or crowds, but on a business trip, I had extra time before I flew out of JFK the next morning, so I decided to stay right downtown and see how I did. Made sure to keep sending her pictures though so she would know I was having no fun..”

“Terrible hotdog, terrible street”

“Radio Shitty”

“Even the cops think NYC sucks”

“Central fucking Park”

“The Ghostbusters building didn’t make me smile, either.”