Dominic Raab admitting he didn’t know how vital Dover is for trade will have you facepalming into next week

Here’s Dominic Raab, the man in charge of Brexit, admitting he didn’t quite understand how important Dover is for trade with the United Kingdom.

And this is what he said.

‘We want a bespoke arrangement on goods which recognises the peculiar, frankly, geographic economic entity that is the United Kingdom.

‘We are – and I hadn’t quite understood the full extent of this – if you look at the UK and look at how we trade in goods, we are particularly reliant on the Dover-Calais crossing.

‘I don’t think it is a question so much of the risk of major shortages, but I think probably the average consumer might not be aware of the full extent to which the choice of goods that we have in the stores are dependent on one or two very specific trade routes.’

Probably most people realised it, Dominic. Just not you.