These 129 tips from the 1950s on how to ‘get a husband’ are completely mind blowing

Where to begin with this list? Oh, yes – burn it. But, before you do that, let’s look at some of the odder suggestions up close. These are our tips –

Don’t refer to people as leftovers.

Letting the contents of your “purse” fly all over the street is a shortcut to identity theft.

Quizzing someone about their exes whilst refusing to discuss yours is in no way a massive red flag – honest!

In fairness, there can’t be many women who haven’t thought “You know what I should do today – go and buy a convertible and apply to Yale while I’m practising my eyelash fluttering in a mirror so I can nab a husband.” It’s so relatable.

Someone noticed a potential flaw in the advice.

Life isn’t perfect no matter what your gender, but at least the sexist bullshit isn’t quite as all-pervading as it was in 1958.

H/T boredpanda

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