UKIP leader Gerard Batten fell for this Guardian spoof and his response made it 10 times better

There’s a rather good spoof Guardian account on Twitter which does things that look uncannily like they are straight out of the Guardian and one of its recent efforts was this.

Nicely done, although anyone with half a brain would probably realise it’s a joke. So obviously UKIP MEP Gerard Batten seized on it as more evidence of political correctness gone mad.

Even better, the official UKIP account joined in by retweeting his furious take.

‘Criticism from who? Probably someone who doesn’t buy from Greggs. A cheese roll is a cheese roll! When is this madness going to stop? By the way, almost all the staff in Greggs are female. Do they operate a gender biased recruitment policy?’

Furious and short-lived, it turns out, because it looks like Batten has since deleted his response. We’re glad that we’re able to let it live on here, thanks to Jim Waterson on Twitter (who really does work for the Guardian).

Except, well, even after all that some people still didn’t get it.


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