This video of a dad and baby daughter lip syncing has gone viral because it’s just adorable

A short clip of a man and his baby sharing a little lip sync battle after bath time has gone viral for two reasons – firstly, it’s an off-the-charts level of cute and, secondly, the baby has pretty impressive skills.

Check it out.

Filmed by mum Trina Wesson, the short clip shows baby Myla really giving it her all, as she and her dad sing Maroon 5’s Girls Like You. When it was uploaded to Instagram, Trina commented:

A little post bath lip sync battle last night❤️
Myla is one heck of a lip syncer😂

While she may not know all the words, Myla obviously knows all the important ones. The YouTube video has almost 120k views after only two days, with the Instagram version enjoying a staggering 3 million plus views so far, not to mention the many reposts.

The internet can’t get enough of the talented baby and her doting dad.

Twitter user @Charlene_Marsh1 remarked

the little leg flick half way, she is going places that one

We can’t help but agree.

All credits to mydarlingmyla