People love how this woman got her bike back from the thief who stole it

Sharron Jenson was naturally gutted when her bike was stolen from her high street, even more so when the police said there was really nothing they could do to help.

Then she found her bike for sale on Gumtree …

… but the police were still unable to help – so she did this.

And when she met the guy to test ride the bike, she just climbed on and kept pedalling. As fast as she could.

And this was the bike thief’s last roll of the dice.

And this is what Sharron, a 44 y/o mum from London, had to say.

“I was thinking, ‘This is so dangerous,’ but I knew it was my only chance. I cycled away and got to the corner and thought, ‘It’s now or never.’
I saw he wasn’t following me and just kept going.”