Boris Johnson was mercilessly taken down by his own sister and people are savouring the moment

MP for Uxbridge and arch-Brexiter, Boris Johnson, is not known for his strict adherence to facts, having been sacked from a journalism job for making up quotes, and also because of his insistence on peddling false figures via the side of a bus. As he continues to press for a more radical form of Brexit than the one being mooted by Theresa May, he tweeted a short thread in support of his own views on the matter.

Now there was no shortage of people around to pick holes in what the former foreign secretary had to say, and he was inevitably inundated with corrections, criticism and derision. But the most beautiful reply came from his pro-EU sister, Rachel Johnson, addressing his claim that the EU referendum was won with the biggest majority in history.

Beautifully done, and so succinct.

And her question was answered by the BBC’s Reality Check team, which looks into such claims on a regular basis.