This bride trolled her wedding planner so the wedding planner trolled her right back in devastating fashion

It’s not unusual there might be the occasional tension between a bride and groom and their wedding planner in the run-up to the big day (assuming they can afford a big day, let alone a wedding planner).

But the issues have hopefully been resolved by the day of the wedding. Except, not in this case, after a bride was so unhappy with LB Events & Promotions she posted this on their Facebook page.

Now LB Events & Promotions (pictured below) weren’t going to take this lying down.

And this is what they posted back, as documented by the good people of Bored Panda.

Devastating. Right down to the ‘feel free to unlike’ our page. The couple’s response was rather briefer, and all the poorer for it.

And here’s what people made of it.

Not everyone appreciated it though.

These people are in the wrong business. With burns like that, they should be helping to arrange divorces.


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