Jacob Rees-Mogg spoke out for ‘family life’ and someone had the perfect response

Here’s Jacob Rees-Mogg calling on the state to do more to support families and family life.

Don’t feel the need to click on the link, here’s a brief glimpse.

‘Family policy does not have a good name in the United Kingdom. For many, it’s synonymous with John Major’s ill-fated ‘Back to Basics’ and a resentment about hypocritical ‘do as I say not as I do’ politicians.

In the past, governmental approach has been too judgemental and unsympathetic to personal circumstances.

Single parents, 90 per cent of whom are women, often battle against considerable difficulties and need both support and understanding.

It is not the role of the Government to tell people how to live their lives or to determine that one way is better than another, but it is reasonable to help people lead the lives they want to lead.’

There was no shortage of people with something to say in return.

But no one put it quite as well as this person.