This woman explained ‘consent’ for men who didn’t get it and it went viral

Comedian Alice Brine thought she’d so something to help people who still didn’t understand the meaning of ‘consent’. The analogy she came up with was so perfect it went wildly viral, shared nearly 100,000 times on Facebook.

And here’s why.

This is what she told Bored Panda about the post.

“At the time there was a cricket player in New Zealand who was in the spotlight for sexual assault. The media was blowing up with headlines like ‘She said no, but did she mean it?’ Even one publication went as far as to say ‘She told him she was on the pill, so how could it be rape?’ I got so frustrated seeing all those headlines and wrote the status.

“I find that the post starts trending again … when there is a particular event happening that it relates to. Right nowI’mm getting tagged in a lot of retweets about a US senator that not too many people are happy with…”

And here are just a few of the comments it generated online.


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