This mum’s good luck cake for her son had an unfortunate hidden message

We’re assuming it was done with the best intentions when this mum made a lovely cake for her son wishing him good luck at university.

Except, well, the design left something to be desired and ended up looking like it was saying something else entirely.

Just our dirty mind? Not if these comments on Reddit, where the picture was posted and rapidly went viral, are anything to go by.

‘What sort of person calls their son a cunt?’

‘One who’s delighted to see the little shit finally leave after eighteen long years.’

‘Absolute gold- when you head says “Good Luck @ Uni”, but your heart says “Get the fuck out of my house”‘

‘Jokes aside, where the fuck was my cake for starting uni?’

‘All I got from my mum was a kettle and a packet of condoms. Never used either of them.’

You can see the original post – and all those comments – here on Reddit.