A man shared his terrible list of questions for a first date – the 21 best shutdowns

First dates can be awkward – you’re either changing a relationship with someone you already know or meeting a brand new person, which has its own pitfalls. A Twitter user named Kyle Trouble has shared his suggestions for how to find out certain vital information on that first date and it’s both horribly misogynistic and also just a terrible way to talk to humans.

Brace yourself for Kyle’s dating tips.

Now, take a deep breath and allow your brain a few moments to process the shitshow that is Kyle’s attitude to woman. If you think it’s all a joke and this is a parody account – as we did – rest assured, he has a blog and a mailing list for receiving more nuggets of wisdom like this, which seem to be completely serious.

As you’d imagine, his life guide hasn’t been received with great enthusiasm, so the reactions are worth a read – more so than his tips, actually. Here are 21 of the best shutdowns of his terrible take.