Piers Morgan was owned by Jonathan Agnew (and everyone else) after Alastair Cook’s farewell 147

Piers Morgan’s not happy with outgoing England cricket legend Alastair Cook because he blames him for his part in the way his buddy Kevin Pietersen was dumped from the team 4 years ago.

So much so that he’s been banging on about it all through Cook’s final Test match for England which ends today, with tweets like these.

The BBC’s cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew has been doing his best to put him right (at least, as he sees it) and the pair haven’t entirely been getting along.

Morgan wasn’t happy when Agnew retweeted this.

With the final Test underway, Morgan said he wouldn’t mind Cook scoring a century.

Well, sort of.

And then of course Cook did just that, scoring 147 in his final England innings becoming only the fifth player to bow out with a century in his final Test innings.


Enabling Agnew to have the final word …

And he wasn’t the only one.

Well, almost final.

Presumably a reference to this.

Except Morgan may be the one feeling sore this morning.