This man’s first tweet was so fantastic, he never needed to do another one

Someone called Marcus, or @MariusPole, joined Twitter in January 2012. It took him until July to bother posting a tweet, but when he did – it was one of the best tweets of all time. Enjoy its magnificence.

The post was shared more than 40 thousand times on Twitter alone, and the picture has escaped its moorings and can be seen on just about every social media platform, if you have the patience to look.

More than 700 comments have been sent to Marcus, but he’s never even replied to one of them. He’s like the ghost of spectacular tweets, fleetingly there and yet not there. The reactions have been as admiring as you might expect.

Composer Nick Harvey had this to say about it.

“He has only tweeted once, but @MariusPole’s tweet is possibly one of the greatest tweets of all time.”

We really can’t argue with that.