This Arnold Wanker supercut will make your day better

We’re grateful to @MrKenShabby for sharing this supercut of Arnold Wanker from Mork and Mindy. If you watched it, this will bring back some happy memories. If you didn’t, you’ll probably wish you did.

Handsomely played by all concerned.

And just in case you’re a little bit in the dark, we found this here.

Arnold Wanker is the music store’s tyrannical landlord and Fred’s former classmate whom Mork brought back from the dead. The character’s name was probably intentionally concocted by the writers, who frequently tried to sneak things past the ABC censors. “Wanker” is a British slang, meaning a man who frequently masturbates, which has become a very common insult. For early UK airings, the episode was censored whenever Wanker’s last name was uttered.



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