This viral video of a dog singing Britney Spears’ Toxic makes more sense than the news right now

If you’ve woken up to the US President threatening nuclear war via Twitter, after a weekend in which you learnt that Toblerones are going back to the old design but at triple the price, and someone suggested replacing libraries with Amazon stores, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re living in the Upside Down*.

This video of Matt Hardin’s dog Riley absolutely nailing the faux-string riff of Britney Spears’ hit song Toxic seems fairly tame by comparison.

* sneaky pop culture reference.

The tweet went viral, leading Matt to post a YouTube video explaining how the whole thing had happened.

The clip stunned Twitter and Riley soon gained a fan club.

Matt even shared the link to Riley’s Instagram account.

As @champagnepapi would say … “views”

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If you’re still in any doubt as to the quality of Riley’s vocals, listen to this edit of his “singing” in the actual Britney video.

Today – Twitter, tomorrow – America’s Got Talent.