The Queen is due to meet Donald Trump and everyone hopes she’ll pull a sickie

The Queen is expected to meet President Donald Trump today and nobody’s convinced that she really wants to.

One answer might be to do what everyone else does when they really don’t want to go to work.

It’s an idea supported by these 16 people.

It looked like she might have been setting up the excuse when she didn’t attend Prince Louis’ christening.

An actual doctor had an idea for the exact ailment that would be acceptable.

There were some suggestions that a refusal to meet Trump might do wonders for her popularity.

And someone suggested sending in a substitute.

However, plenty of people thought she should let the meeting go ahead.

Let’s face it, none of us would blame her if she did something really drastic to get out of having to risk having to talk to him.

As a bonus, let’s imagine what this would be like.


And here are the latest pictures from the palace.

Happy and glorious.