A mum bought this dress and her husband thought it looked like, well, what do you see?

Someone who calls themselves ‘School Mum’ shared a story on Facebook about how she bought this dress and her husband could only see one thing.

And it wasn’t a dress he could see. Well, it was, but, well, have a look for yourself.


Just in case you need to see the whole thing before you give your considered opinion, she also posted this.

Here’s how people reacted online and we have to say that most of them were with her hubby.

‘Is that a vagina dress oops I meant designer dress???’

‘I can only imagining you returning it… “Uhhh yes, I need to return this because it looks like a Vagina”‘

This person had a similar experience.


And it’s even clearer on this person.


Omg this is exactly what my shirt looks like – it’s a Wayne cooper …. It looks like boobs and vag

This is similar, but very different.

My lounge has a similar issue


That’s probably enough of this sort of thing now. Last word to this person.

‘Return it, I’m sure they have good customer cervix, I mean service.’