It presumably didn’t take a man to explain what was wrong with this advert

An account called Shit Adelaide on Instagram shared a photo of a hoarding with what appears to be an advert for the city’s university.

They couldn’t help noticing that the image shows a man apparently holding court to a group of attentive women, and commented on the message that could be conveying.

“@eightpercentjazz has noticed that our innovative education precinct is now offering a Master of Mansplaining…”

@nessascityblog replied with an astute observation.

“To be fair, all of the women are looking at him like they think he is an utter bellend.”

The picture bounced around various social media sites, gathering sympathy and understanding for the women.


However, it seems that the picture actually relates to a different body, rather than the beleaguered university. They pointed this out to Mamamia magazine.

“We recommend you direct your enquiries to Renewal SA (see the bottom right corner of the pic).”

Nevertheless, it looks like the University of Adelaide isn’t above perpetuating the old gender dynamic.

So that Masters in Mansplaining may still be on the cards.

H/T Mamamia