This is the letter every football fan wants from their partner right now (well, most of them)

Someone named Keith Bell has tweeted a funny letter, supposedly from his wife, full of instructions for him to follow while she’s away during the World Cup. If it’s real, she’s a genius; if it isn’t, he is.

“She” wrote:


As you will be watching 3 matches a day and 24/7 highlights I have decided to go and stay with my Sister during the World Cup.

I have left you the following Notes to help you get through what will obviously be a very trying time.

I have downloaded onto your Ipad a YouTube video of how to use the washing machine – probably a pointless exercise!

Please put Bins out on the following dates: Green bin 20/6 + 4/7 Grey bin 27/6 + 11/7 (no matches start before 11am so do it first thing)

Important Telephone Numbers:

Dominoes Pizza 023 8165 0020 – Chinese 023 8025 4170 and after the inevitable penalty failure – Samaritans 116 123 (football will not be “Coming Home”)

Water all plants in garden – NB use WATER!!!

Open the Curtains during daylight hours – burglars will think the house is empty otherwise

Do at least one trip to the bottle bank before I get back – or else!

If you invite your friend with smelly feet around – tell him to keep his shoes ON

Keep the noise down – the neighbours don’t need to know the referee is a w*****!

You only need to contact me if something important happens involving Saints players Tadic, Cedric, Yoshida or Bednarek

Love you lots – see you July 16th

M xxx

PS I have taken the cat with me. You would forget to feed him and he would probably starve to death”

There were some impressed reactions.

And it looks like Keith may have more company than just his friend with the smelly feet.