Anthony Bourdain on craft beer went viral because he nailed what so many people feel

Lots of people have been sharing their favourite pieces of work by the much-loved TV chef and travel host Anthony Bourdain after he died last week aged 61.

It’s taken us a few days but we think we might have found our favourite, Anthony Bourdain on craft beer.

We’ll drink to that (and just in case it’s tricky to read …)

“I would say that the angriest critiques I get from people about shows are when I’m drinking whatever convenient cold beer is available in a particular place, and not drinking the best beer out there.

You know, I haven’t made the effort to walk down the street 10 blocks to the microbrewery where they’re making some fucking Mumford and Sons IPA. People get all bent about it. But look, I like cold beer. And I like to have a good time.

If you bring me a really good one, a good craft beer, I will enjoy it, and say so. But I’m not gonna analyse it.

I was in San Francisco and I was desperate for a beer, and I walked into this place I thought it was an old bar. And I sat down and I looked up and I noticed there was a wide selection of beers I’d never heard of.

Which is fine. OK, I’m in some sort of brew pub. What’s good? But I looked around: the entire place was filled with people sitting there with five small glasses in front of them, filled with different beers, taking notes.

This is not a bar. This is fucking Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This is wrong. This is not what a bar is about. A bar is to go to to get a little bit buzzed, and pleasantly derange the senses, and have a good time and interact with other people or make bad decisions or feel bad about your life.

It’s not to sit there fucking analysing beer. It’s antithetical.”