This Twitter spat between the British and French ambassadors will make your day better

Here’s something to ease your return to work after the Bank Holiday weekend, a very satisfying exchange of views on Twitter between the French and British ambassadors to the US.

First up, here’s British ambassador Kim Darroch with a seemingly innocuous and very ambassadorial looking tweet.

Cue French ambassador GĂ©rard Araud who thought he spied an opportunity to make a point and have some fun at his fellow ambassador’s expense.

To which Darroch had the perfect response.


Just in case you were wondering – Google, Google – the White House was burned down by British forces after the battle of Bladensbury in 1814 during the 1812 war which lasted until 1815, so you can see why he might have got mixed up.

Except the last word might go to this person.