Trump reckons knives have turned London into a ‘war zone’ and here are the 7 responses you need

Donald Trump has rejected calls to do something about all those gun massacres in the US by saying – hey folks, it could be worse, it could be London!

Here he is talking to – who else? – the National Rifle Association.

And here are the only 7 responses you need.








If you’re wondering where Trump gets his, er, facts from, the Guardian reckons it was – can you guess? – a story in Mail Online.

It was not immediately clear which “story” Trump had read about London, but a strong contender is a Mail Online article published last month. Its headline said: “Surgeon says he is regularly treating children in school uniform for gun and knife wounds in London hospital which is ‘like Afghan war zone’.”

The article quoted a BBC Radio 4 interview with Martin Griffiths, a lead trauma surgeon at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, where it said a record 702 stabbing victims were treated in 2017. “Griffiths said colleagues who served in the military likened their work at the London hospital to being back at Camp Bastion, the British forces base in war-torn Afghanistan,” Mail Online reported.

Fox News must have been on an ad break.


Turns out the NRA is even more repellant than you thought