17 brilliantly passive aggressive things done by neighbours

It’s always important to try to get on with your neighbours, right?

But if that’s not possible then why not try trolling them in the style of these 17 brilliantly passive aggressive things done by neighbours …


Our new neighbours are bigots. Since regular aggression leads to assault charges, I went with passive aggression. 10,000 lights later…



Left my printer without a passcode. My neighbors sent me a message



The HOA in my friend’s neighborhood recently threatened her neighbors with a fine if they didn’t hide their trash cans, even though they’ve been in the same spot for over a decade. This is their solution



Can’t beat a bit of passive aggressive wi-fi naming



My sister and her husband live in a small town, they came home to this note on their door



A friend of mine has received this note from the guy next door …



Who says Canadians are nice?



Decided to use reverse psychology on the new neighbors



When you receive a complaint from your neighbors, it’s important that you do your best to resolve it