Someone’s found the most British headline ever

And the prize for the most British headline goes to …

It’s definitely got a touch of the Alan Partridge about it.

It’s actually a story from a few months ago which you can read here (the headline in the paper is better than the one online).

Here’s the gist.

Residents of Tunbridge Wells – known for writing outraged letters to the editor – really do have something to be upset about this weekend: a sex festival.

Hundreds of people are expected to attend Flamefest, billed as a “kinky rave festival” that promises an outdoor S&M dungeon and “adult play area” staffed by dominatrices.

The festival website says Flamefest was created to bring together “the purest, most hedonistic elements of the party scene, from kinksters to ravers”.

But locals claim they were not consulted about the event, and councillor Dianne Hill, who represents the Southborough and High Brooms ward, said she had received many complaints.

Hill told Kent Live: “I’m no prude but this is the wrong place for this sort of thing. It’s a residential area. A big worry is they say there will be coaches coming down – where are they going to park?”