Simon Mayo trolled Piers Morgan over International Women’s Day and he’s everyone’s hero now

Piers Morgan was doing what he does best today – tweeting – this time on the subject of gender equality and International Women’s Day.

You already now where this is going, don’t you?

TV critic Ian Hyland got in touch to point out Morgan had forgotten one.

Yes, that’s better, but then things really started to get interesting when Radio 2 presenter Simon Mayo joined in.

Who can he possibly be talking about? Piers Morgan, obviously, after he caused a bit of a stir last year by tweeting this.

Here’s how Morgan responded today.

Then Mayo’s 5 Live co-presenter Mark Kermode joined in, over Morgan’s description as a ‘presenter’.

Here’s Morgan’s reply (we are nothing if not even-handed).

But the general response to the whole thing appeared to be this.