A bloke moved into a new office and they didn’t fix the hole in the wall so he did this

A chap called Malboury Jones wasn’t overly happy when he moved into a new office and there was a hole in the wall.

Not only that, there was still a hole in the wall a few weeks later. So he did this.

Just in case …

Exposed Wiring & Controls
Unnamed Contractor

Mixed media; copper and plastic on brick wall

A daring interpretative piece, Exposed Wiring & Controls was part of a series of unfinished works made in the spring of 2018. Critics have suggested it is a commentary on modern life’s obsession with time constraints, and the nature of incomplete projects. The partly finished work unashamedly displays the artist’s underlying processes, daring the viewer to criticism.

A confident, accomplished work.

Should be fun when the builder eventually turns up. Oh, look!

And again …

Blatant Patch Job

PVC board, glue

Prompted by earlier works in more challenging media, Blatant Patch Job is representative of a burgeoning ascetic uniformity in art that is both reactionary and ultimately conformist in nature.
While some have accused the artist of merely attempting to white wash the works of past creators, others have found in the start white of Blatant an invitation to consider what the artist has chosen to conceal.

A challenging commentary on aesthetic transcience

And just in case you were considering something similar …

And it got people thinking.

Remember this?