People are sharing preposterous “British Values” to take the piss out of this Young Conservative group

Activate Britain is the Tories answer to Momentum and describes itself as “a united platform for young conservatives and returning power to the grassroots.”

The return of that much loved comedy staple – the Young Conservatives – hooray!

They’re asking people to list “British Values” and rather predictable it’s going very badly indeed, but their failure is our comedy win.

Here’s 17 of the best British Values.

1. Colonialism

2. Vacuum cleaners

3. Talking about the weather

4. Laughing at ourselves

5. Avoiding embarrassment

6. Sarcasm

7. Scraping and bowing

8. Read what it spells out…

9. The delicious cuisine

10. The fine cars

Source: @MikeBevan_RG

11. Lists

12. The gammony colour some of us go on holidays

13. Our national obsession with World War 2

14. Snot games

15. More colonialism

16. Good old Limmy joining in…

17. And our ability to bounce back

Well done everyone! We enjoyed that.

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