People are mocking boxer Floyd Mayweather for boasting about his “$30,000 crystal glass ping pong table”

Another day, and another moment in boxer Floyd Mayweather’s too-much-money and no-idea-how-to-spend-it life.

Can you imagine having a spare $30,000 and spending it on a crystal glass ping pong table? Of all the things!

Pretty sure if you ever spoke to a ping ponger and ask them, “what’s the best ping pong table?” they’d do, “the professional competition standard ones are good.”

“So what about a crystal one?”

“No, that’s stupid.”

Anyway. Let’s go over to the internet for the mockery. We might not be rich but we can mock them and that’s nearly as good as money –
ten tweets coming up

1. “crystal dart board”

2. Imagine this being used….

3. Money can’t buy you love

4. Ping pong truthers…

5. Yep, telling people the price, so gauche

6. Just abuse

7. Siri, show us a reusable joke format

8. You gotta look on the bright side

9. Oh the problems, so many problems

10. Sniff sniff

Anyway. Good luck to the boxer who could deffo beat us up.