Where do you sit on the huge ‘Peter Rabbit controversy?’

News reaches Poke HQ that there’s a new Peter Rabbit rabbit movie out, starring James Corden as a rabbit, and instead of just going “it’s a movie for 4 year olds” people are having strong opinions on the internet.

You see the issue is, there’s a scene where a character bombards another character with fruit to try and trigger an allergy.

The worry is, that could encourage kids to bully (if not kill) other children with allergies.

The debate is dividing the internet worse than Brexit, and as we’re an impartial Peter Rabbit news organisation we want to present both sides and ask you to make up your mind.

Here’s the case for the prosecution – four tweets m’lud:

1. Anaphylaxis kills

2. Bulling is bad

3.”I’m enraged”

4. “Boycot”

And six tweets for the defence m’lud


2. “You need to take a step back”

3. “What is wrong with this country?”

4. “What about Roadrunner?!”

5. “Nazis”

6. “Dude! Talking rabbits!”

So where do you sit Poke readers? You need to come down hard and have an opinion. Now.

Or maybe this is the best take: