The only 9 funny tweets that YOU need to read about “Pancake Day”

Time poor Poke readers have barraged us this morning with questions “what is this pancake day thing?” and “what are the funniest tweets about it?” and most of all “please Poke, please can you do a round up up so I don’t have to look myself?”

Well the answer to your questions, dear readers is all here for we’ve compiled the 9 best pancake tweets – best consumed whilst thinking “maybe I’ll make some pancakes later.”

1. Your ‘Pancake Day’ schedule

2. Celebrating ‘Lord Pancake’

3. Calculating Shove Tuesday

4. Mum! Really!

5.This is the truth

6. Yes, that’s really Gazza, he’s appeared on Twitter doing endless puns for some reason, but it’s nice that he’s in good humour

7. A pun but the image sells it so well

8. Well, if you don’t want light-hearted trashy journalism,
stop clicking on it

9. And the final one…

OK, a bonus one because YES YES YES!

And our tip for pancakes? Go for the classic of lemon and sugar. Nutella is for twats.