This video gives a whole new meaning to ‘rescue cat’

27 seconds of your time very well spent.

Can’t wait for the big screen adaptation.

And you can read the full story here, as told by the animals’ owner, Michelle Reyes.

She said Mila, the Chihuahua-miniature Pinscher mix, was in time out for having an accident on the floor, buts she and her sister B, a Chihuahua-toy fox terrier mix, are inseparable, so the second dog followed her into the cage.

“She was like, ‘If you’re in trouble, I’m in trouble,'” Reyes joked.

Tux, a rescue cat, got bored without his puppy pals. Reyes said he started circling the cage once he figured out where Mila and B were. Knowing his “crazy” nature and that he may be plotting, she started recording.

“I was thinking: ‘What is he about to do next, he’s sneaky,'” she said. “He’s the weirdest cat I know.”